Minyul Couple

Posted on: 02/11/2010


2 Responses to "Minyul Couple"

Where did you get this from? Do you know what live is it and where did they perform it? if you know please reply. Thanks.

hi…i just search this picture from google.. umm..u can search her performance with minho at youtube, with the title ” snsd shanghai concert yuri solo” ^^ she was dancing with her song “1,2 steps”..hehe hope it helps you.. and sorry for the late reply 😉

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  • None
  • Ernawati Stevi Limbong: MANA LANJUTANNYA????
  • leecyntkyu: Kekekeke... Minho oppa udah berani ngajak keluar tuh :D Ya! Yuri eonni kau harus menerima abang ku ya :D :D daebak chingu!!
  • leecyntkyu: Wah ternyata udah ada lanjutannya hehehe... daebak chingu ^^ yyee udah ada Minho oppa! Yuri eonni persis kayak diposisi ku deh :D Minyul jjang Miny



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