Kamsahamnida….. ^^

Posted on: 27/11/2010

Annyeong chingu…^^
I would like to say sorry for not updating the Chapter 6 till end because I dont have time to continue it nowadays since I’ll have my semester exams next week…
But I promise, I’ll update n continue it as soon as my exams has finished…

Thankyou for visiting my blog… It’s kinda simple hehe… ^^
Anyway, this is my first fanfic… Even though I know that not so many people like Minyul couple, but I really hope you enjoy reading it… ^^

Besides that, I really need your comments… “Kritik Membangun”
Please leave some comments… Hehe…

Again, kamsahamnida for visiting my blog, reading my fanfic, and take a look at Yuri’s cute pics… kekeke…
See you again! ^^


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  • None
  • Ernawati Stevi Limbong: MANA LANJUTANNYA????
  • leecyntkyu: Kekekeke... Minho oppa udah berani ngajak keluar tuh :D Ya! Yuri eonni kau harus menerima abang ku ya :D :D daebak chingu!!
  • leecyntkyu: Wah ternyata udah ada lanjutannya hehehe... daebak chingu ^^ yyee udah ada Minho oppa! Yuri eonni persis kayak diposisi ku deh :D Minyul jjang Miny



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